The Meaning of Let Her Go by Passenger

I can sum this song up into one simple phrase. “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.” but that wouldn’t be very philosophical now would it.

Another brilliantly written song that found a new way to make you understand what it means to lose things you take for granted.

The first 7 lines tell all:

Well you only need the light when it’s burning low
Only miss the sun when it starts to snow
Only know you love her when you let her go

Only know you’ve been high when you’re feeling low
Only hate the road when you’re missin’ home
Only know you love her when you let her go
And you let her go

The only time you need light is when you don’t have any, but when you have it, you don’t think about needing it.

In places that have four seasons or get snow, the phrase “you only miss the sun when it starts to snow” is a reference to warmth. I live in an area that gets snow and when it starts to get cold everyone starts complaining about how short their summer was and wishes it would stay warm for longer.

But this lyric seems miswritten to me.

It should be “Only miss the sun when it gets cold” because there is still sun while there is snow on the ground and I’ve even seen it be partly cloudy with sun coming through as it snowed. The author meant this to be a reference to feeling warm when it’s cold.

The catch phrase “Only know you love her when you let her go” hits the nail on the head and explains what this entire song is about. When you love someone and they are gone from your life, for whatever reason, you feel an emptiness and a sadness as you realize how much that person meant to you.

The second verse picks up with more examples.

“Only know you’ve been high when you’re feeling low” is a reference to euphoria or happiness. Without feeling happy you can’t feel unhappy, to go from a high to a low is something we can all relate to. One minute you’re on top of the world floating above the clouds and the next you hit rock bottom.

“Only hate the road when you’re missing home” is a reference to how traveling can both be a blessing and a sin. I’ve gone on road trips before where it was excitement the entire way and I’ve gone on trips before where I had to leave my loved ones behind and was not very enthusiastic about the trip.

The next part says he loved her all along and has to deal with what has happened.

Staring at the bottom of your glass
Hoping one day you’ll make a dream last
But dreams come slow and they go so fast

You see her when you close your eyes
Maybe one day you’ll understand why
Everything you touch surely dies

This part heads directly into self-reflection. Staring at the bottom of your glass is a symbol of drinking and depression. She’s in your mind and you pray that she’ll come back but the reality is she’s most likely gone.

So now he’s left with just memories of her and all of the mistakes he’s made. In the end he just wants to make sense of it all.

“Everything you touch surely dies” means that he has made other mistakes in his life, maybe it’s not his first heart break, so now he views himself as a repeat failure. It represents the idea that maybe he’s not good for anyone or anything.

Then comes the chorus to hit the point home again.

Then we get more depression and reflection in the next verse.

Staring at the ceiling in the dark
Same old empty feeling in your heart
‘Cause love comes slow and it goes so fast

Well you see her when you fall asleep
But never to touch and never to keep
‘Cause you loved her too much
And you dived too deep

This verse describes his thoughts while laying in bed. He still feels the same sadness of missing her. He thinks and dreams of her frequently but it doesn’t bring her back to him in reality.

“Cause you loved her too much And you dived too deep” is not something I’m entirely sure about.

The first part is a realization that he is heart broken because of how much he loved her but “Dived too deep” is a confusing lyric.

It could mean that he gave it all he had from the depths of his heart or that he literally dived too deep, meaning he drowned or died on the inside by going too far from her.

I don’t think it means that he put too much into her because it would conflict with the other lyrics.

Followed by the chorus then:

And you let her go (oh, oh, ooh, oh no)
And you let her go (oh, oh, ooh, oh no)
Will you let her go?

This signifies there might still be hope or something he can do to get her back. If it doesn’t mean that then it has a weird twist to it where he hasn’t actually lost her yet but is separated from her and is reflecting on whether or not he really wants to be with her. This would explain why he is drinking and sleeping alone.

This is followed by more parts of the chorus and ends with “And you let her go”

If he was separated then he decided to let her go, if he wasn’t, then he decided there was nothing to be done about it and he let her go.

Either way, she’s now gone.

When relationships end, the bad starts to fade away and all you’re left with is the good.  These pictures are symbolic of what you’ll remember.  You won’t remember the fights or arguments, you’ll remember this.  Take that into consideration when you’re thinking about letting go.

i melt into your arms first kiss of passion remembering the good times

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  1. “Cause you loved her too much and you dived too deep” means one thing.. That when you love someone too much, you ultimately push them away, and when you dive too deep, you fall off the face of the planet (run from someone) and leave them in the cold. Or the last line could simply mean he was so invested in the relationship that he can’t get over her now.

    So really it all comes down to how this line fits in with your life. In my case, I loved my girlfriend too much, and I dived too deep in to the relationship-side of things and it ultimately pushed her away.

      1. I agree that is a great way to see it but I like your version better. My cousin and her husband are soo in love but his love for drugs is more. Falling into drugs makes everything he touch dies and no matter how good she is with him he dived deep into his adiction. I don’t know, I thought this song fits her 😉

    1. I agree that it means getting too involved, or too in love with someone who may not feel as strongly. Basically like falling for a one night stand, or being friend-zoned by your crush. The end result is the same… you love her, so you let her go to be free to be happy.

      As someone who has experienced loss of a partner after the sudden death of my mother when I was 20 years old, the phrase “dived too deep” meant going through depression and dealing with the loss of my “guidepost” in life. I had to let the pain of her absence in my life go so I can create me life on my own.

      1. Emily, don’t give up! I dated a bunch of guys who seemed so into me and the relationship at the very beginning. They would say they just knew we were meant to be together; they would seem to rush toward seriousness, wanting to make big plans, etc. then then the moment I caught up and said, Yes, I want to be with you, I want to commit to this and go deeper, they would break up with me. I finally decided that in the beginning of a relationship, no matter what a guy said or what promises he made, I would just HEAR: “I like you, and I’m excited about you.” And I’d wait to see how things went and what kind of person. He was and where our relationship would go over time. My husband turned out to be the guy who Actually just said, “I really like you and I’m excited about you, and I think this is promising,” at the beginning of our relatuonship. He had no inflated promises. Over time, we really got to know each other – including all of our faults and vulnerabilities – and then we were able to commit to the relationship and take it deeper. This is the one that lasted. Skip the guys with the big promises before they really know you. Or wait to see where it goes before you take those promises too seriously. Great guys are out there. You can find and build a lasting relationship with a great guy. Don’t give up!

        1. You are so right Anne. They make us believe that they are the only one. But it is just an illusion of how they want us to see them.

        2. Dear Annie,

          That’s such a great perspective, when you open yourself to someone based on just words…you can possibly be opening yourself up to get hurt.

          Annie, your vision and understanding of commitment is truly admirable.

      2. Dear DJ Spectrum,

        For clarification, did you and her talk about how you were feeling? With the series of bad events that occurred in your past, in fear of getting hurt again…you made the decision for yourself and for her to let her go?

    2. Mine is were I can’t get her out of my head and I just wish she was here but its my fault and I have to live with it and move on.

    3. Im in the same boat as you were Robert. It sucks though because had i not of loved her too much we’d still be together. 🙁

      1. That is true Drea. It resonates. If you love too much and makes the other person uncomfortable, they should communicate instead of running. When you run and let go – you lose everything

    4. In 6th grade I liked a girl really much but I think I went to far and pushed her away from the real me. This song always brings sadness to my heart, but you know we gotta get moving in our life.

    5. Dear Robert,

      To love someone “too much” and to dive “too deep,” it rings of regret. It seems with “love someone” and “to dive,” it means to fall in love. When you fall in love, sometimes you don’t really know how far or how “deep” you plunge, but you’re abandoning your sense of control — with love, it’s not by choice.

      At times, you’re not even aware of your feelings. With love, it could be euphoric but it also has the capability of being the opposite — “love sick.” Every relationship comes with both good times and bad times, but that needs to occur. Without the bad times, you can’t quite understand or cherish the good times. Also, it’s about learning the other person, no matter how much each persons or couple are “meant to be.” The process of learning the other person is to strengthen the bond and to allow for that bond to grow. During that learning process, there will be challenges…but how will those challenges be overcome?

      Many of us enjoy being in the state of being content and/or happiness, but challenges are meant to bring discomfort. Otherwise growth cannot occur. During this time is most likely when the “pushing away” happens. And depending on how much each persons in the relationship could cope and how much they are willing to fight and work through it, will depend on whether or not the relationship succeeds. The likelihood of failing or overcoming the situation will most likely be determined by the two individuals (maturity, coping skills, experience, strength of conviction, etc) and their environment (how much support from the community? Friends? Family? Etc).

      When discomfort becomes too great, one person may decide to exit and no longer choose to fight for the relationship. When that happens, he/she may wake up one day and realize…”Sh*t, I was in love,” or even, “Sh*t, I had it good.” When that happens, the feeling of losing the other person becomes even more unbearable than the discomfort felt while in the relationship.

      So, this song is just asking an individual who is at that pivotal moment to think and feel (to see both sides +-) before they make that decision, instead of acting hastily. Sometimes you’re given an opportunity to try again and sometimes you’re not, but if you’re not…you’ll be stuck in the situation this singer is in.

      Wonder what your outcome was, Robert?

  2. Beautiful explained, I feel Ike we all could really relate to this song being a significant other or just a loved one. Thank you again. Also I see your a league of legend type of guy. That’s awesome you got yourself a good girl there, hoping your still with here.

  3. As always in life we all have our own interpretation.

    My take on this song is more of life a game of contrasts

    and that you can only appreciate one side of things when you have also experianced its opposite.
    light dark. sun snow. love loss etc.
    I also hear a reference to life being ever changing amd nothing lasts.

    love to all.

  4. Maybe he dove too deep into someone else’s you-know-what like my husband, who only knows he loves me now that i’m gone…

    1. Tamz, right on. That is what is going to happen to my husband of 25 years.
      And he never stopped loving you, they always think the grass in always greener on the other side.

  5. We all have different meanings of songs. The guy is in love with a sociopath. He knows she is but loves her so much. For his life to be better….he has to let her go. She causes him great pain. He knows all to well what is going to take place but can’t allow himself to feel the pain of a sociopath leaves behind time after time. He knew better to open himself up ….but hoping she would change. He dove to deep to turn a blind eye to her behavior. Yes, he will miss her. He loves her. She has played him time and time again but yet he knows when she plays him this time….he can’t take it….so he will let her go hoping …just hoping. Will he let her go? That is the question. She causes pain and chaos. She is not good for him and he knows it. Has to let her go to be able to move on with his life. He will not forget her…but he’s got to let her go for his on well being. You do not have to agree.

    1. Wow, this song and this comment really sums up my feelings with my recently ended relationship. I barely knew what a sociopath meant a few years ago, but over the last year have come to learn a lot after falling in love with one. At first she was wonderful, we laughed, made love and had some wonderful times, but as time passed she let down her facade and it became only about her. No matter how much I gave, surprise gifts, doing errands for her, trying to make her happy, she just wanted more and never reciprocated. I came to realize almost everything in the relationship revolved around her and it left me feeling empty and used. I kept telling myself, it’s just a phase, but it wasn’t. She was draining me emotionally to fill her narcissistic supply and I had to end the relationship. Deep down, I loved her but had to let her go to protect myself and my own well being.

      1. This is so True… I’m going through this right now and I have to say that the part of the discovery that your significant other is a sociopath is the hardest part.
        You basically have no chance to make the relationship work and have to leave…Cold decision but eventually the right one.

    2. I’m glad your the only who has a different interpretation. It’s true about sociopaths, they Just take and take until you cannot give anymore and instead of fighting back for you they turn it around on you as if you were nothing.

  6. If I had an answer to my situation I can say this song made perfect sence to me. Before getting locked up and sent away I spent my last three weeks with my fighting or nothing…but she knew I had to focus on doing my time so I let her go.

    1. Dear Anthony,

      I hope you were not locked up for too long and once you completed your time, you were able to reunite with your love. I might be a sucker to believe this, but I feel that true love transcends space and time. But it’s interesting you let her go, were you afraid to keep her trapped? Instead, you were noble and loved her enough to set her free. It’s been several years since you posted…I hope she was waiting for you. ☺️

  7. “Well you only need the light when it’s burning low” means to me something quite different. When you’re truly in love with someone, you let your heart lead you, listening to it more than you actually do with your brain. So when “it’s burning low”, the heart’s light go off (the fire of love disappears) and from that point, you start not to listen what your HEART says, but your brain. LOOK at Passenger’s body language when he’s singing this lyric and you will better understand what I wanted to say. 😀

  8. This is anpit my ex forsure . He loves o ly one thing his ego. He meets a girl and they give him the attention he needs then they want what deserved back. He does gove the attention back but he wants more back. They so realize he is only anout himself. But the keep in the relation ship but hold the attention back for him. He gets upset and lets her go. But in reality he can live without the attention o he trys to run back. Only to find they do t want him because they discovered whay kind of man he is. So he lives alone thinking the same meaning of this so. But he could never live a true healthy relationship.

  9. Everyone has an individual “meaning” to this song just as every other song touches the hearts of many by what Our hearts and mind searches for.. We all are in search for true meaning in our lives and explanations for what we feel..
    “Music touches the soul”

    Depending on what “life’s situation is, each my one we listen it may have a different meaning.. I know it did for me..
    It has always (to my soul) expressed a deep spiritual need.. for something greater then ourselves to lead us to answer of our heart. What ever tat many be in each heart.. anything we can relate to touches the soul,and gives us direction..
    Mind body and spirit.. Balance in ourselves ,any relationship & any or all life’s situation or circumstance.

    My faith and spirituality can bring any song that touches my heart to relate to a circumstance in my life. And depending the the type of emotion I am feeling, if I am searching to let go,to hold on it simply have hope & faith.
    From sun rise to sunset we all make choices we hope bring us closer to the happiness we image.
    Ultimately no one knows what tomorrow will bring.. All we can do is feel we have make better choices then we did the day before. And lean on a force greater then ourselves “depending on your believes”
    I a a very spirtauly person and my faith in God is strong .. My mind body and spirit identifies the need to love and be loved.. When I focus on one person to fulfill that need,I will become lost and overwhelm the chosen person..
    I believe with A relationship a commitment is based on “love” .. When our hearts become threatened of being broken from a troubled relationship we focus more of “fixing” the problem and we loose ourselves in the process..
    a commitment is to have compassion,faith to have wisdom through the hardships in which we feel sad as well as “the flying high from feeling happy.. As with any circumstance we find a strength and we follow the right thing to do.
    This pertains to our relationships, any type..
    Be patience, compassionate and believe.
    I choose prayer and faith to re-direct my focus on becoming the woman that God sees in me, rather the being consumed by a fallen or troubled relationship,love, patent/child, friendship or even professional ones..
    Keep in mind Everyone’s emotions are different and endures or deals with loss, disappointment or pain in a unique way, we all have different levels of strengths and weakness: coping skills, .. Be Understanding Be truthful Be compassionate and be Patient will lead to the outcome of any situation or circumstance we all want.. A peaceful one.. God bless you!

  10. We were married 6 years. He was very in love with me. But let me go he did dive in deep and gave all his heart and soul to love me.. I still question the letting me go we were best friends and soul mates. I loved him too with all my heart. Still after years of being I remember what we had and I miss it. Guess you can’t go back and fix things that get let go

  11. Our 14 yo Labrador “Lady” is terminally ill since last year and we have struggled to decide when and how she should come to her end. We postponed, hoping for nature to decide for us, but when her struggle worsened we decided to ask the vet to let her go gently.
    This song touches on our feelings as much as as it does to others.
    Cynically I stumbled over this song when I watched an advert called “Puppy love”.

    1. Dear Michael,

      I’m sorry about your dog. I had a mentor once who went through a similar experience and how difficult it was for him. I found his method to be most profound…he continued to feed his dog and cared for her until she gave up.

      I’m not sure I’m convinced about labeling “puppy love.” Puppy love is the terminology given to love that is thought to be without merit since it is felt when those involved were too young. To a degree, I covet the love experienced by those in their youths…as the love is most innocent and pure.

  12. I think when he said ‘dived to deep’ that was him checking himself, telling himself, he was a passive aggressive. Very sad wee song for both parties concerned

  13. This song is very touching,but if you think about it not all relationnships can or will be healthy.Maby love isnt that great anyways.dont u just wonder that if someone u love with all your heart will really even love u as much as u love him/her?I have seen some people get really hurt because him/her boyfriend/girlfriennd didnt really love them so they let him/her go and im just wondering,WHy do relationships have to be hard weather you are in a long distance relationship or toghether?IF somebody loves u why cannt u just love them too without hurtting them?What i dont get is why boys/girls play eachother by saying all these awsome things to u and saying your the only one and saying they would do anything for u and that they want u and only u but then after u guys break up him/her are on to the next boy/girl and say the same thing to them like they said to u!! Its all just a LIE!!!!!!! MABY LOVE IS A LIE!!!! MABY ACTUALLY OPOLIGIZING FOR EVERYTHING U DID WRONG WAS A BIG FAT LIE!L!!! AND MABY U SHOULD JUST GIVE UP:(:(:( ;(;(;(

  14. i thought this song was about losing his mum, maybe because it reminds me of the grief my husband went through when he lost his mum, and it wasnt until after she died he realised xx

  15. When he says:

    ‘Cause you loved her too much
    And you dived too deep

    I got the impression that a person fell in love with someone so much that they proposed marriage to them. The other person did not feel as strong of a connection and his proposal was rejected. So at that point he had to let her go.

  16. This song breaks my heart yet offers me comfort. I have gone back and forth with a guy for 1.5 years only to finally realize that his pride is stronger than his love for me. We get into an insignificant disagreement again, only for it to escalate, in his mind, and him to shut me out of his life. This is the forth and last time he has done it and I finally blocked his cell phone number so when he has his moment of realization again, that he will no longer be able to contact me. While, I have no doubt that he loves me, I have to be strong and move on, as I can’t allow a destructive relationship destroy me. I am upset and have shed a few tears throughout his week but I keep hearing this song, and it gives me a moment to step back and confirm to myself that this is not my fault and that he will also never truly realize the error of his ways unless I stay out of his life for good. That is why this song breaks my heart too. Because I know that I need to stay out of his life for good, no matter how much I love him, since it could never change. It is always so easy to reflect and realize you made a mistake, but if you keep making the same mistake over and over, whilst knowing that it breaks that person’s heart that you claim to love so much, your pride and ego are stronger than your love and this song is describing, ultimately, you

    1. You went through the same situation I am going through I dated a guy he was my first love and he washead over heels for me, well that’s until he actually broke up with me, he used the common reason that he doesn’t want to be in a relationship which is very surprising. Well that lasted for about a month or so and I called him out of depression and the fact that I missed him and cried myself to sleep almost everyday. Well one thing went to another and we got back together for a week only for him to breakup with me again. He said that it’s summer and he wants to be single but the funny thing is he was never like this and I was his first love. He’s going to an all boys school and summer is going to end I wonder if he’ll come back. He also kinda said he doesn’t want me in his life but I was the only person he could talk to or cry to about anything not his friends. But since he dated and broke up with me when everyone thought I’d always be the one to call the shots he has a ego

  17. For me… Diving too deep = pushing someone too hard. My relationship with my man is that he constantly pushes/challenges me to be better using negative calls to action. While I am hope he means well, he is crazy critical of my every move. The way I wash the dishes, do the laundry, run my fingers through my hair, what I wear, how I drive, how I laugh, how much (or little) $ I make…. And on and on and on! Plus he is hard to understand because he is so contradicting in his actions & inconstant with his “advice.” I try to conform but he just wants more, better, & perfection. I’m exhausted, he is diving too deep.

    1. The relationship you describe has a lot of power and control in it. I am not trying to pry or push, but have you considered that you may be in an abusive relationship? Relationship abuse isn’t just about whether or not he’s hitting you. It can just be control issues. Please consider finding someone you can talk to about this who knows about power and control. Advocacy centers are a good place to go. 🙂

  18. I just love listening to this song, it maybe a bit cliche, but it describes every relationship I have ever had, functional, dysfunctional, ex-boyfriends, mother, friends, children, husband and myself. I think it means you’ve got to treasure the moment because it all goes, and I’m a giver and all givers know you will always be disappointed because you give it all, but i think it’s almost hopeful that you let her go and you don’t loose yourself and maybe that person will come back better than before.

  19. This song is about not appreciating what you have until its gone. Diving too deep is getting too close to someone that you start to feel fear instead of love (fear of loss of that love). Fear hinders your ability to love that person. You can’t feel love if you feel fear. Then you leave that person or unknowingly push them away to escape the fear. When your apart from that person fear subsides and you feel love again for that person.

    1. YES! This is exactly what I heard. When this person begins to really feel attached he runs away to escape the feelings. And that is why he is left wondering why everything he touches dies and he can’t make a dream last- he desperately wants it to, but every time he falls in deep with someone, he kills it because he is afraid of his own strong emotions. And he probably doesn’t have enough self awareness to even realize that he is sabotaging his own happiness out of fear.

  20. loving someone is very difficult to do but when u meet the right one u will them forever…………. and when the person go away it is hard……….. this is my favorite song i love it……………

  21. “You dived to deep” reminds me of one of Hannibal Lecter’s remarks in ‘Silence of the Lambs’: “Do you know what a roller pigeon is, Barney? They climb high and fast, then roll over and fall just as fast toward the earth. There are shallow rollers and deep rollers. You can’t breed two deep rollers, or their young will roll all the way down, hit, and die.”

  22. This song means a lot to me that I can’t even explain, it makes me want to cry.I always love my husband, but I even don’t wanted to let him go. Everytime, I take a drink and listen to this song its make me in love and don’t let him go. lol.

  23. Everything thing else was portrayed perfectly except the everything ypu touch surely dies part. Only because something in your explanation faile to portray something that occurs when.something dies either physically mentally. Or mentally

  24. “Loved her too much and you dived too deep” can also suggest that he got too deep in love and then decided to end the relationship. “And you let her go.” Sometimes guys do stupid things because they get scared.

  25. I cannot listen to this song without breaking down crying every time. Many years ago I had a friend I was very close to. The truth is that I was in love with him but too young and stupid to realize it at the time. And before I had a chance to grow up enough to recognize what it was, he died. After he was gone his mother told me that he’d been in love with me. And I realized far to late that I felt the same.

  26. I’m not sure but i took it another way, i had a girlfriend which i did not treat that good, i couldn’t see how beautiful she was, both the look and personality. But i went away from her, i got mad easly and blamed her for everything even if it was not her fault. I left her, and it was not after i left her i realized that i loved her. Sure it’s not what the song is about but i took it that way atleast.

  27. In my opinion this song is about everything that happens in our life, no matter how important they are all to us, they will be gone and when they are gone we will then realize the importance of them.

  28. I think that it means when you love someone really deeply you have to let them go because they can do without you because that person can love you too but you can’t go far at all or you let them go naturally without meaning to. They made a mistake of loving the person as they are saying “When you let her go” and they are talking about how their dreams are unrealistic, and then they are saying look at these good things in front of you not just the person you like. You shouldn’t just think of someone as the best thing “Only know you’re lover when you let her go” and then it is saying just let her go or else you will be in an everlasting torture when you are always thinking about that. Even though they are important to each other it can’t make anything good happen.

  29. Please someone explain my situation my boyfriend of four years asked me to marry him ( I said yes). We got a new bigger place and then within two months of asking to marry him with ring and all breaks up with me. He said ” he needs this break.” And that it had nothing to with me its all him. Now all he does is work get high and let’s just say every weekend drinking with his best friend that I really can’t stand. That’s his life now and when he sees me or talk he can’t not stop tearing and when I ask what’s wrong he saids I feel bad. I don’t understand you say you love someone but at the same time you show none of that love . I guess I just have to move on as much as it hurts I have to its the only way . I think hes extremely stress out so he pushes things out of his life. Idk I so mixed up with emotions.

  30. The basic human need is love. I believe man was made for love. But I find that much as we all desire this more than anything we are scared of messing this up more than anything. I believe true love is a gift its not something that is found but is a gift. You might think I’m a dreamer but I’ve been through heart ache over someone I thought I loved. Just like passenger I dived to deep gave it all I felt I didn’t deserve her which is true none of us deserves true love it turns out she didn’t feel the same. Worser than passenger I dived deeper kept pursuing her for 3 years before I finally let her go.
    This song reminds me of the dark self destructive year after that. Lots of regrets, lots of self loathing but no one actually knew what I was going through. I mean she virtually just upped & left for the States and I blamed myself for scarying her with all this talk of love.
    She kept in touch though but she eventually blocked me out of her life. Depression sucks I grew thin I guess you could say I dispaired of life itself. But how I kept living was indeed a miracle and then I met my current fiance. Trust me I wanted nothing to do with love or relationships or women. We became friends kept her at arms length. I was kinda content with my life as it is but she slowly got closer & found out about my baggage.
    Long story short we are still together it has not been easy but we are growing in love. Point is much as I agree with passenger, don’t wallow too long in your sorrow & depression. Don’t give up believing in true love. True love is not in finding your perfect match but true love is the only Being who makes perfect matches. Love comes to those who believe in Him & that’s the way it is. After the night its a sure thing morning will come!

  31. > I can sum this song up into one simple phrase.
    > “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.”

    I disagree with that analysis. This song is about a man (the singer), left broken hearted by his love leaving him. Furthermore, there is an undercurrent that he blames himself for her leaving.

    Contrary to what you stated, he most certainly knows what he had. The problem is he’s left broken by not having it anymore. Focus on all the lyrics… just not the chorus.

  32. When i first listen to song i thought like many of you relationship) but not so long i lost two people very especial to me. One was a romantic relationship and another a baby(die). Even though the lyrics make you think it may be a relationship song is not, it is so much deeper then that. When a person leave are your life because a decision you may or he or she may, in way you know that time will heal the pain, but when someone leave for ever you cannot grave it back the pain never end. These person that he wants back cannot come back no matter he does because it die. The writer wrote these song about he 4 unborn child as he explain in these article

  33. Sometimes love leaves you so that love can follow you I was left because people assumed I was something in not in the end she let me go I wanna go back but as god has the last say have faith and believe than all things work together for good so she wanted out and I asked if ever I was the reason she said no its not you I’m ever so sorry but I’m leaving so I tried but still never work so I’m forced to let her go if she finds love god bless her and hope she doent do it too someone else because god nows your heart so people as passager would say its hard but let her go

  34. I believe the song to mean something very simple, we often don’t realize what had until we don’t have it anymore

  35. I love and hate this song. When I listen to it, it reminds me of the 46 years I spent with my wife before she died of pancreatic cancer. It has and still is extremely difficult to let her go.

  36. the line ” loved her so much and you dived too deep” could also mean that maybe he was very jealous and possevie of her for fear of losing her . He could have monopolized all her time , didn’t want her going out with friends and made her feel bad if she did , because he’s already insecure and believes if he keeps her all to himself all the time he won’t risk losing her .

  37. Let her go its say’s that when u love some one so deeply when the relationship ends in between due to some reason we should not feel sad instead we should remember the moments which we spent with them and we should think that where ever she is she should be happy with her life this means ” Let her go ” in my view

  38. “Cause you loved her too much And you dived too deep”
    well my interpretation of this line is that the guy just wants to keep admiring his girl in his dreams. he doesn’t want to touch/ keep her. when he looks at her, he’s lost (in a good way). his mind is filled with wonderful memories they’ve had or his fantasies about both of ’em.

  39. For me this song meant something entirely different. This song helped me handle my miscarriage. This song was playing in thr car the minute I turned it on after finding out my baby had no heartbeat anymore.

  40. For me this song represents my feelings for my daughter who died at the age of 32.She had breast cancer at the age of 29 then 2 years later because of the chemotherapy she had leukemia. She then got pneumonia in the hospital and died.I love her and miss her so much. You don’t realize how much till you let someone go.

  41. This song has made me realise how much the love of my life debasmita aka kohinoor means to me and how much depressed i am whenever i let my angel go.My advice to all guys..never leave a person who truly loves you from your heart because life never gives you another opportunity to fall in love with an angel..I love you my beautiful princess coco always.

  42. Iam not a English lady who could understand this song clearly. But I could say, I had a deep love towards my first love. I said it was my first, coz I didn’t show anyone any interest. But had crushes as a teenage human. But those are nothing. I live with his dreams , no my dreams shaire d with him. But due to probs in life ,eventually he go away from me. Now he will not returned. And can’t returned. Now all them were together and think iam in sain. Actually I don’t want to like them again. I can’t see them naturally. I think everything is fake. I can live love of my dream life forever, without any physical connection . drugs made me and part from my lover, then again iam trying to over come from drugs addiction. But too late, all gone….. Iam still waiting and dreaming. I am a love addicted than drug addicted. My love will never fade and die. Thank God to my experience. Sympathies towards to every human being.

  43. When it comes to the ‘oh’ in the songs, the last versus, its actually:
    Oh woah oh
    And you let her go
    Oh woah oh
    When you let her go

  44. well,to me it means only when you let her go you wil know how much she meant to short it means you only miss a good thing until it’s gone

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