You’re Not That Special

The adversities you face in life were intricately designed for just you.

You may think your revelations and transformations are relevant to others and feel so strongly about them that you must tell as many people as possible because it could change their life as it has changed yours.

Facebook and other social media has become the forefront of transformations, revelations, spiritual enlightenment, and so much more.

We are now able to give live feeds and updates to hundreds of people on the challenges we face and how we are or have overcome these obstacles.

Before social media the only way to get this information out was through word of mouth, gossip, or if it was significant enough, someone had to sit down and write a book about it.

They didn’t have things like Kindle, self-publishing was almost impossible, and the only way to get a book out there was to find a publisher and then try to sell it to people that wanted it on purpose.

The only thing that went “viral” were diseases not Tina’s weight loss status update.

Most of the classic books and movies based on real stories or real people are normally written by other people that felt so moved or compelled by the story that they felt they had to tell the tale.


This is how we end up with books and movies about the Titanic, The Holocaust, and other things that affected not just a single person, but many. The more people a tragedy affects, the greater interest it will attract.

There are great lessons to be learned from major wars, conflicts, and tragedies. There are great teachings to be found in books written about people like Jesus Christ and Gandhi.

There are many things that can benefit society that should absolutely be shared.

But I must ask you to reconsider if waking up one day, eating a carrot, and deciding to turn into a Vegan impacts so many people in such a way that you need to tell the world.

You are not the first Vegan and it’s surely not a new idea or concept.

So why do you get on social media and blast out your new diet changes and how they’ve enhanced your super human abilities to the extent where people who eat meat are terrible and anyone that doesn’t support or agree with your philosophy isn’t worth your time?

You’re probably even considering writing a book or starting a blog to catalogue your “transformation.”

You might even be trying to gather some followers to teach people “your ways” with maybe the hopes you can monetize your adventure and turn your transformation into a source of income so you can quit your job.

Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

That’s because it’s the core philosophy to almost every MLM which scarily resembles the practices of a cult — where you eat, sleep, and dream about it.

cult mlm worship

You’ll even go as far as to convince yourself that all of your problems — whether they be health, financial, or emotional — are gone away now. You start to believe things are so much better that you couldn’t imagine your life without this major transformation.

When you snap out of the euphoria you may come to the realization that these type of spiritual awakenings are very personal in nature. You may realize they have little use or meaning to others.

It’s called self-improvement and self-discovery for a reason. You are learning about YOUR mind, body, and spirit.

Everyone else, at some point in their life, will go through their own self-discovery process, and it may be nothing like yours, but it will be just as significant to them as your changes are to you.

You’re not the first person to go through a transformation, it’s a normal part of life.

It is very likely that there are already movies produced and books published on things similar to what you’re going through.

If you can’t seem to find one, rest assured that someone started a book or even finished one but was unable to get it published because it lacked any significance or failed to differentiate itself from what is already out there.

This is not to discourage you from sharing your journey but please be realistic and ask yourself what makes your story different from the countless others?


Your ego demands special attention and the euphoria can get the best of you.

Your ego allows you to think you’re better than others — while claiming you aren’t — but you contradict yourself as your rhetoric implies that your way is better than others and somehow people are missing out by not doing what you’re doing.

Just because people are generally too nice to challenge you or say anything derogatory doesn’t change the reality of how they perceive your posts, writings, videos, etc.

Most people live by the rule of “if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all.”

Don’t misunderstand, you’ll always be able to gather some support for anything and find people that can relate to you.

But outside of that following, your transformation is insignificant.


Some people will support you no matter what you do because they enjoy you as a person.

Just because you can self-publish a book or access a ton of people with a few clicks doesn’t mean that you should.

Go ahead and write your book and self publish it to Kindle and make it available on Amazon so you can pat yourself on the back and check something off your bucket list.

But more than likely it will sit there with the other books nobody buys.

You can even make it free, and it will still attract little interest.

The worst kind of information is free information, if you don’t value your own information enough to charge for it, others aren’t going to value it enough to take the time to read it.

Make your videos, tweet till your thumbs fall off, and use any other type of social media you want to spread your message.

If it never gets the attention you think it deserves don’t start making excuses.

Don’t start to say things like, “It’s not taking off because people don’t know about it” or “If I could just market it better” or if “I could get it published” things would be different.

Maybe you’ll convince yourself that people aren’t ready for your movement, as if the idea is too new and hasn’t caught on yet, as if people aren’t ready to eat carrots yet, or they haven’t gone through a divorce, or lost a loved one, or been broke, or any other number of circumstances that happen over and over to almost everyone that has lived.

You may think you just need to dedicate more time to it and stay consistent, but before you do that realize that significant things go viral rather quickly.

If your ‘like’ count per post isn’t a substantial number of friends and you have almost no shares, then please take the hint that your message does not resonate with the general population.

While your message may have some type of niche significance, it’s almost a guarantee that if you make weight loss posts in a weight loss facebook group you’ll probably notice it’s not that big of a deal, unless you’re talking about some type of weight loss breakthrough nobody else has heard of.

overcoming adversity

From working out, to health, to weight loss, to business ideas, to spiritual enlightenment — the reality is that it’s only significant to YOU, it is after all, YOUR transformation. It is YOUR answer to the challenges you face.

8 thoughts on “You’re Not That Special”

  1. What if I told you that everything you post online is just for attention? (LOL) I read that somewhere.
    Thought I’d grab a smidgen of attention for a fleeting microsecond of my insignificant life (LOL) Cool, thanks for your theories, entertaining indeed

  2. It felt rather rude at first, when i thought, ”hey, this might be addressing me”. But in all honesty, it had given me something to think about, and consider.

  3. Maybe, but there is a hive mind on the internet. I can post a picture of me in a bikini and it gets a ton of likes, but if I share something thoughtful it’s a smaller percentage. I think it’s important to do whatever your called to, and for some people it’s important to publish that book…

  4. While bumping into your website I found that you can follow this blog on FB and upon looking a bit further you can find even more of “Thomas Van” on FB. Seems you are quite the attention seeker yourself.

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