Time Travel, Meditation, and Alternate Reality

I walk almost everyday. My goal is to get the blood flowing through my body, stretch out my legs, get some fresh air, exercise, and think. Yes I said think.

When most people think of meditation they think of a buddhist monk sitting cross legged with their fingers touching their thumbs chanting the sound of “ohhmmmmmm”. But you may be surprised to realize that meditation is merely an attempt to clear the mind of excess garbage and stress. Continue reading “Time Travel, Meditation, and Alternate Reality”

Is Your Love Tank Running on Fumes?

Do you feel lonely? Do you feel like you’re missing out on life?

Did you settle down with someone for reasons other than your happiness?

Do you think that security, kids, or other things are more important than yourself?

Do you feel like there’s an expectation hanging over your head about what’s right and wrong forcing you to stay the path that you’re on because it’s the right thing? Continue reading “Is Your Love Tank Running on Fumes?”

Chapter 9: Have You Gone Mad?

“Ah, Mrs Sanderson, there you are!”

Edna looked up from her chair.

“Yes…here I am…where did you think I was?”

“Oh nowhere in particular, I was just in here looking for you earlier and you weren’t here. I just assumed you went to get some fresh air. Listen, I have…”

“But I have been sitting here the whole day…” she interrupted. Continue reading “Chapter 9: Have You Gone Mad?”