Time Travel, Meditation, and Alternate Reality

I walk almost everyday. My goal is to get the blood flowing through my body, stretch out my legs, get some fresh air, exercise, and think. Yes I said think.

When most people think of meditation they think of a buddhist monk sitting cross legged with their fingers touching their thumbs chanting the sound of “ohhmmmmmm”. But you may be surprised to realize that meditation is merely an attempt to clear the mind of excess garbage and stress. Continue reading “Time Travel, Meditation, and Alternate Reality”

Fish Tank Philosophy: The Goldfish Theory

It is rumored and somewhat proven that a Goldfish will grow to suit the size of its tank. That if you increase the size of the tank, the Goldfish will continue to grow. Some Goldfish reportedly weighing up to 90 lbs and as much as 36” long. Conversely, if you keep a Goldfish in a small tank it will stop growing or die. I would like for you to consider that this is a great analogy for the human condition.

Humans will be able to grow in two ways, and no, one of them is not physically like a goldfish. Humans have the unique capability of growing to the largest possible size that their environment allows. So what is a human environment in this context? Continue reading “Fish Tank Philosophy: The Goldfish Theory”