We The People are Entitled to the Money You Make

There is not a single “wealth” generating activity on this planet that isn’t tied to the use of a natural resource. We do not use our brains to think money into reality and even if we did, that paper or money had to come from somewhere.

Even if your brain could digitally create money it would have to be stored on a hard drive somewhere and the information transferred through either satellites or physical medium somehow to have any real value outside of your mind.

At the root of every income generating activity, as with almost any activity, is the use of the Earth’s natural resources. Continue reading “We The People are Entitled to the Money You Make”

Stop Making Excuses, Start Making Progress

The word “excuse” has taken a bad rap and is oftentimes misunderstood. It is frowned upon or even considered offensive to some people.

Instead of being honest, people get the this insane notion in their head that any excuse should “excuse” them from any wrongdoing, regardless of the reason.

How many times have you seen someone late for work and had them blame traffic or something else “they had no control over.”

Being honest would look something more like this: Continue reading “Stop Making Excuses, Start Making Progress”

The Meaning of Love Yourself by Justin Bieber

I really enjoy some of Justin Bieber’s new music. His lyrics seem to be gaining more depth and meaning as he advances further into adulthood. Even though some of the lyrics in this song are kind of immature and “high schoolish” we can still find meaning and relate to the scenarios described in the lyrics well into adulthood and mature relationships.

One interesting thing I found out about this song is that it’s co-written by Ed Sheeran which perhaps explains the deeper meaning in the song as compared to some of his other work.

So let’s begin examining the lyrics for hidden and obvious meaning. Continue reading “The Meaning of Love Yourself by Justin Bieber”

The significant significance of a significant other – Cognitive Empathy

When your significant other is against you and not for you when it really matters the most. When their sarcastic humor is no longer funny and inappropriate. When the jokes go just a little bit too far and hurt just a little bit too much on the inside.

We’ve all had moments in our lives where we refuse good advice or information from someone based solely on the fact we don’t respect or like that person only to find out later down the road that they were correct after all. Continue reading “The significant significance of a significant other – Cognitive Empathy”

Solve America’s Problems, Tax the Robots!

As industries start to become more automated and replace real workers with equipment or automation, the number of jobs available in the marketplace will continue to decrease.

The common mantra in response to this is that low skilled jobs aren’t that important and workers of these jobs should go find a lucrative high paying-high skilled job instead.

It sounds good on paper but the reality is, these jobs don’t exist in the numbers that workers are being replaced by robotics and automation — not even close. Continue reading “Solve America’s Problems, Tax the Robots!”

The Meaning of Hello by Adele

We’ve all done things that we regret, things we can’t undo, things that maybe we wish could take back.

We all get to a point in our lives where we start to wonder about and reflect upon the decisions that we made that got us to the point we’re at.

We do this when we are at both good and bad points in our life.  It happens spontaneously when we get free time we eventually reminisce and ask ourselves:

“How did I get here?”
“Would I have done anything differently?”
“Do I have any regrets?” Continue reading “The Meaning of Hello by Adele”

Never Date an Ex

Believe it or not, a lot of people end back up with their exes.  Sometimes there is a lengthy break, sometimes there is no break at all.  But people fear change, a lot would rather take what they have and deal with it instead of move on to new things.  Most of them have already developed habits and coping mechanisms to deal with their ex.

It’s like the fine print of every pharmaceutical advertisement ever.  “Do you suffer from back pain? Well suffer no more because we’ve got a cure for you, try the all new FDA approved Magical Back Pain Be Gone Pills.  Here at ABC Pharmacy we care about you.  Suffer no more with this miracle cure.  Warning: This pill may cause severe bleeding, dizziness, mental confusion, rash, or sudden death…”

Whenever I see a commercial like that, I say to myself, “No thanks, I’ll just keep my back pain.” Continue reading “Never Date an Ex”

And Now Our History Has Been Rewritten

If you’re anything like me, you don’t remember things that are no longer important, your brain just dumps them out of your mind. You don’t remember exact dates, you only remember sequences of events.

What I mean by sequences of events, is that you know that things happened before or after other significant events, so that you can line them up in chronological order but you don’t know what the dates or days were for those things.

For example, you know Tim and Bob got married, but before they got married they got engaged, but you don’t know what the dates of that were exactly, you know that maybe it happened in March and maybe you know the year, or maybe you know the approximate time, but you don’t have specific dates, you just know one thing happened before the other. Continue reading “And Now Our History Has Been Rewritten”

Everybody Hurts Sometimes

Dear future (ex)wife/girlfriend,

It is time we have a heart to heart. I know that by the time you read this it will probably be long overdue but it’s better late than never…unless we’re talking about CPR, using a condom, or stopping at a red light.

On second thought, there are many things where better late than never doesn’t apply. I don’t think your new husband or boyfriend would appreciate me finally calling to tell you I love you after we’ve been broken up for years. Continue reading “Everybody Hurts Sometimes”

Facebook Fake

With facebook people can’t wait to tell the world how much fun they’re having. You get to see photos of vacations, parties, and everyone having a good time. Status update after status update of what people are doing, or what people are buying, and everything in between.

There are typically two responses to seeing these things appear on your news feed. The first and most common is, “Wow, that looks like a lot of fun, I should do that” and the less common but more accurate is, “They look like they’re having more fun than they probably are.”

We tend to look at such things as vacations, new purchases, and other “cool” things in the most envious light possible. To make matters worse there are probably so many people on your friends list that it seems like everyone is doing something cool but you — making you feel kind of left out. Continue reading “Facebook Fake”