If You Want Something, Go Get It

stop waiting and go get it

One thing I’ve learned the hard way in life is that if you really want something, you have to just go and get it. When opportunities present themselves, don’t let them pass you by. That job, that car, that house, that relationship, or anything else you’ve been longing for — go get it.

I’ve lost many great things because I had to “think about” it or I didn’t take action immediately. It’s okay to be unsure, but the more time you take to get sure, the greater the chance you let whatever it is you’re after slip away.

And don’t worry, if it slips away, it’s not the end of the world — life is a cyclic anomaly. The cycle will always continue and you’ll always be presented more options down the road or have a chance at similar opportunities.  When they come around next time, will you still be unsure?

Don’t spend your life in uncertainty letting things pass you by indefinitely. You’ll never get what you want living life that way.

We’ve all been in scenarios like this before.

It could be a job you should have applied for and months later something else comes up just as good. It could be the house you were going to buy that someone else got to before you — you thought it was the end of the world then, but you found another house you liked.

I’ve had many failures both ways with relationships.

Where either I wasn’t sure of committing to somebody interested in me or somebody I was interested in wouldn’t commit to me — or sometimes both at the same time.

People fear change.

Sometimes the other person just seems too good to be true so we wait around and try to find flaws to break the spell and in that process they just lose interest and move on.

Sometimes later we realized how perfect they were for us and how happy we would have been with them — but it’s too late then.

Fuck it.

Life’s too short to wait around, no one is going to wait for you, and you’re not going to wait for them. Just fucking do it and figure things out later.

Nothing is permanent, what’s the worst that could happen?

See a house you like? Buy it! Why wait around to see if there’s anything you like more?

Meet a guy or girl you like? Date them! Take them off the market so you can at least find out if it’s going to work or not instead of letting them drift away and never knowing.

you want something go get it

There are some basic characteristics I absolutely need for a relationship, then there are bonus traits, and finally deal breakers. If I find someone that clears that I’ll make them the happiest wife that very same day.

I’ve let too many good things pass me by already.

Relationships require work and maintenance. Everyone is going to have flaws and idiosyncrasies. Accept them, accept the person you’re with unconditionally, and put in the time and effort to be successful.

Check it off the list, you now have someone to spend the rest of your life with, try not to fuck it up.

There’s no such thing as “better” or a more “perfect” match, it doesn’t exist. Time and time again you’ll meet someone, have the little sparky euphoria filled fling and then eventually that dies off and you’re stuck with that person wondering what happened.

What happened is you were a gullible idiot trying to pull someone along in your weird twisted delusional fantasy, the dream bubble popped, and you woke the fuck up.

What happened is you were ignoring everything that you saw as a flaw and made them perfect in your eyes without being realistic.

Dreams can only last so long, eventually you wake up.

Find someone you enjoy spending time with that you find attractive, that has the core qualities you want in a partner, and fucking work on the rest. Life’s so much better when you can work as a team and achieve things together.

unconditional love

So be real, be accepting, and show infinite kindness, gratitude, and patience toward your partner. It will flourish into something beautiful, something magical, and something so unreal — I promise.

Give love a chance and you’ll find it where you least expect it.

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