CHAPTER 11: How To Save A Life

Dr Jacobs rushed into Bills room. Upon hearing the heart rate monitors cry for help she directed the nurse to get the defibrillator.

“Charge it to 250!”

“Come on baby almost there!”


Bill’s chest heaved into the air as electricity shot into his body – he fell limply back down to the bed just as fast as he rose.

“No pulse.” said the nurse. Continue reading “CHAPTER 11: How To Save A Life”

Chapter 10: Just The Two Of Us

Denise looked up from playing a game of chess with Alan, the social services guardian who was sent to watch over the children.

“Mommy! Daddy! Where were you? — I was beginning to think you had forgotten about us.”

Denise ran up and jumped into her moms arms.

“I’m happy to see you too.” she whispered into her daughters ear. Continue reading “Chapter 10: Just The Two Of Us”

Chapter 9: Have You Gone Mad?

“Ah, Mrs Sanderson, there you are!”

Edna looked up from her chair.

“Yes…here I am…where did you think I was?”

“Oh nowhere in particular, I was just in here looking for you earlier and you weren’t here. I just assumed you went to get some fresh air. Listen, I have…”

“But I have been sitting here the whole day…” she interrupted. Continue reading “Chapter 9: Have You Gone Mad?”

Chapter 8: There’s No Place Like Home

“Wake up you son of a bitch!”

Bill was rudely awakened by the sound of this voice, someone was shouting at him angrily. He went to move his arms…. “stuck”. He opened his eyes to look around. And then panicked. Tiffany was standing in front of him with a stick she made into what appeared to be a spear. Continue reading “Chapter 8: There’s No Place Like Home”

Chapter 7: I Dreamed a Dream

“From up here you can literally see everything on The Island, isn’t it beautiful?”

Bill turned to look at Tiffany to see if she had heard but all he caught was a glimpse of anger hiding behind her eyes.

“Tiffany, what’s wrong?” Continue reading “Chapter 7: I Dreamed a Dream”

Chapter 6: Don’t Tase Me Bro

The Sheriff arrived on the scene of the missing wife. He phoned in to dispatch to let them know he was there and if they didn’t hear from him shortly they should send for backup.

He got out of the car and proceeded with caution to the front door. Before knocking he glanced in the window to assess any danger that he might be getting himself into. He saw two children running around in the living room and relaxed a little bit. He knocked on the door and waited. Continue reading “Chapter 6: Don’t Tase Me Bro”

Chapter 5: “She Just Vanished”

“Bill, what are you doing here?”

She slowly looked around now for the first time.

“Where are we?”

“We are on an island, not just any island, but The Island. I’ll explain more later, but for now, follow me. It’s getting dark out and there’s no telling what comes out to play at night.” Continue reading “Chapter 5: “She Just Vanished””

Chapter 4: The Island

Sheriff Ryan arrived at Hotspot Bar and Grille just in time for lunch. He pulled his patrol car into the parking space labeled “emergency use only” and shut off the engine.

The bar was somewhat crowded because it was lunch rush hour and this bar just so happened to serve some of the best food in the area. After scanning the crowd, Sheriff Ryan walked up to the bartender, “Do you know who closed last night?” Continue reading “Chapter 4: The Island”

Chapter 3: That’s “Imp”ossible

Bill awoke again, while attempting to open his eyes, he discovered that he was still in a gigantic warehouse. He sat up and gathered himself then slowly got on his feet. He looked around to see if he had missed something in this warehouse since the last time he was conscious. It looked the same as he remembered. He began walking around the perimeter of the warehouse searching for an exit, a window, a door, or even a weakness in a wall. Continue reading “Chapter 3: That’s “Imp”ossible”

Chapter 2: Till Death Do We Part

“Valerie, we need you to get down here to St. Mary’s Hospital immediately. Something has happened to Bill, I’ll explain when you get here please hurry.”

It was after 3 in the morning when Valerie got the phone call. She had expected Bill to be home already so they could go through their regular routine of arguing. She had been waiting for him on the couch to come home but he never made it. Quite frankly she found this phone call very frightening. As much as her and Bill fought, she’d never wish any ill upon him. She did love him but he was very difficult to get along with sometimes. Continue reading “Chapter 2: Till Death Do We Part”