Love, Children, and Marriage – Your Erroneous Zones

The following post is a long excerpt written by Dr Wayne Dyer from his book Your Erroneous Zones and I do not take credit for any of it.  You can support this author by purchasing your own copy of his works by clicking the book below.



“In any relationship in which two people become one, the end result is two half people.”

Leaving the psychological nest is one of life’s difficult chores.  The dependency viper intrudes in life in many, many ways, and routing it entirely is made more difficult by the numerous people who benefit from another’s psychological dependency.

Psychological independence means total freedom from all obligatory relationships, and an absence of other-directed behavior.  It means being free from having to do something you would not otherwise choose, were the relationship not to exist.  The nest-leaving business is especially difficult because our society teaches us to fulfill certain expectations in special relationships, which include parents, children, authority figures and loved ones. Continue reading “Love, Children, and Marriage – Your Erroneous Zones”

Setup A Life You Don’t Have To Escape From

Some people live weekend to weekend and paycheck to paycheck wishing they had more time off. They can’t wait till Friday and dread Monday. They plan their vacations way in advance and consider their job just a job. They talk about their dreams, hopes, and future without the intention of taking the steps necessary to make them a reality.

Most of them have bad habits such as drinking which they do with their friends and by themselves, regardless of what the activity is. They bowl to drink, they play baseball to drink, they go to a show to drink, and they drink to drink. This is their release from life, it’s how they get away.

Drinking may not be your thing but you probably have some other habit in your life that you use to escape reality. It could be video games, it could be excessive masturbation, it could be excessive sleeping, or it could be television. You probably have something in your life that has the sole purpose of making you forget or feel better about your shitty life. Continue reading “Setup A Life You Don’t Have To Escape From”

Inspirational Movement Please Stop Stealing Our Words

If you’ve ever heard anyone tell you that your health is wealth then you’ve been exposed to the self-serving inspirational movement. This movement has been continuously stealing common words from the English language just to get their philosophy out there and to cause people to think differently.

Unfortunately, this is causing a literary apocalypse that is forcing writers to consider whether or not to add descriptors to words that historically had a very clear and precise definition. Descriptors, like “financial wealth”, which according to the dictionary is still redundant.

Unfortunately, when you’re talking to the inspirational movement, you have to have to be redundant. Continue reading “Inspirational Movement Please Stop Stealing Our Words”

4 Ways To Become a Better Leader

There are four distinct character traits that almost all leaders share. Of course there are more but these ones stick out as extremely important. If you improve yourself in any of these four areas you’ll be on your way to becoming a better leader in no time. Continue reading “4 Ways To Become a Better Leader”

4 Easy Ways To Find The Book You Need

There are a few habits I’ve picked up over the years that have helped me read about a book a week on average for the last 6 years.

Most of the books I read are non-fiction so most of the tips in here will apply to non-fiction but some of them will also be helpful in reading fiction books. Continue reading “4 Easy Ways To Find The Book You Need”