heart goes numb

Heart Goes Numb

How do you pick up the pieces of a relationship you once had? How do you restore the lost love? There were many times where things ran flawlessly and everything was in what seemed like a harmonious balance.  Problems were small and love was plentiful. On the other side of the equation, there were just…

Time Travel, Meditation, and Alternate Reality

I walk almost everyday. My goal is to get the blood flowing through my body, stretch out my legs, get some fresh air, exercise, and think. Yes I said think. When most people think of meditation they think of a buddhist monk sitting cross legged with their fingers touching their thumbs chanting the sound of…

Something Worth Living For

In the rugged mountains somewhere the wind is lashing through the air, punishing all those caught in it’s wrath. The snow is chaotic and blinding, preventing many from finding their way. The air is brutally cold, freezing everything in place. I am lost out here. I am cold. I am hungry. I can take no…

One Hundred Trash Bags

One of the first items we bought when we moved into this house together was a box that contained one hundred trash bags, there are some left, but like the flower in the beauty and the beast, it seems that their time is running out. The trash bags soon became a token of longevity for…

What is Wrong Here?

“Okay fine…we’ll go.” He realized as soon as he said it that he had given in again. He had told himself that he wouldn’t continue do to this to himself anymore. This was not the lifestyle he wanted, it was not the one he imagined – ever; but then again, he couldn’t picture himself with…

Loving Arms

Once again I head off on an adventure but something is different this time. It was not long ago that when I charged into battle, into the unknown, into uncharted territory, not knowing what I’d face and not caring, that I knew in the end, that no matter what I had to endure, I would…

You Are My Sail

One day while casually walking through the woods I came across a man who was in a small row boat sitting in the middle of the river.

To Be Loved Again

  You stole my heart With just one look You read into my soul Just like a book Your curly hair I love to see Your beautiful brown eyes Mesmerize me To be loved again By that beautiful you Makes me fall again So madly in love with you

I Won’t Give Up On Us

Sometimes, somewhere, in someones life exists a person that can lift them higher than they thought possible. A person, that’s so upbeat and so positive that you find it hard to be down when you’re around them.

Wasting Life Away

You have a job, you have bills, you get a raise, you get more bills, you lose a job, you try to reduce bills. This is the sum of your life and it happens over and over again. One more payment, one more month, next month will be better.