Inside the Minds of the Jasper Jury

Putting all of the opinions and bias on the back burner we lay out the case into a logical flow to go inside the minds of the 12 jurors and how they viewed the case.

There were 3 crimes the jury had to consider:

  • Home Invasion
  • Sexual Assault (1st degree)
  • Sexual Assault (2nd degree)

When we sit down to discuss a possible conviction we must look at only relevant testimony to each particular charge. Continue reading “Inside the Minds of the Jasper Jury”

The People v. Mark Jasper – An Unbelievable Tale

WARNING: If you’ve ever received a loan or borrowed money it could be used against you in the court of law.

As desperation set in, the State of Michigan prosecution tried to persuade the jury into believing that Mr Jasper was a manipulative person based solely on the fact that he “convinced” a bank to give him a loan many years ago for his business.

It was almost as if the prosecution was suggesting he was a former member of the X-Men possessing some type of special ability to control the minds of others. Continue reading “The People v. Mark Jasper – An Unbelievable Tale”