How Juicing Cures Cancer

Your body is innately programmed to stay healthy. That is, every cell in your body makes its best effort to stay healthy and when you get sick your body tries to fight off whatever it is so you can be healthy again. Your body is always striving to achieve health all by itself.

There are only two reasons why you will ever not be healthy. You either didn’t give your cells what they needed or you gave them something they didn’t need at all. This is usually referred to as toxicity and deficiency. Continue reading “How Juicing Cures Cancer”

Health Insurance Creates Higher Medical Costs – You’ve Been Warned!

Medical Insurance creates higher Medical Costs for a lot of reasons; but the main reason is that it removes the price negotiation and decision from the buyer (the insurance owner) and instead gives it to a third-party system.

In addition, this creates loads more paperwork and hassle for health service providers making it cost even more yet.  This has the added effect of raising the cost of your health insurance as well.   Continue reading “Health Insurance Creates Higher Medical Costs – You’ve Been Warned!”