FitTeam FitStick Weight Loss Theory

Losing weight has become a global phenomenon especially in America where we also have an obesity epidemic on our hands. It is no surprise that we are getting bigger and bigger because the food industry is marketing us to death and the food lobbyists have heavy influence on the government agencies that are supposed to protect us, like the FDA.

Junk food is a billion dollar business, grocery stores are jam packed with items that are heavily processed, unnatural, and contain tons of ingredients that most of us cannot even pronounce much less know what they are. We no longer eat real food, everything is artificial and the food industry has been conducting an experiment on us for the last 50 years. Continue reading “FitTeam FitStick Weight Loss Theory”

How to Run a Race with Hills – When Mind over Matter Doesn’t Matter

If you’re a runner you’ve probably been exposed to the belief system of mind over matter, or mind over body, which is a simple way of saying that you can go beyond the physical limitations of your body and push yourself to do better if you simply believe that you can.

When we talk about running, the biggest challenge we face in a race is really a mental battle. Should I keep going, should I slow down, should I go faster, should I give up? The question is posed in our heads over and over as we push ourselves to our limits.

When we reach our limits physically we can make our body keep giving us just a little bit more. Continue reading “How to Run a Race with Hills – When Mind over Matter Doesn’t Matter”

A Response To “Growing Up Unvaccinated”

This is a response to Growing Up Unvaccinated, an article designed to promote vaccines that has been spreading across Facebook.

This article seems to have three purposes:

  • Promote vaccines
  • Discredit natural health and immunity by identifying with it
  • Instill fear which causes doubt

Most things supported by our government, like vaccines, are conveyed through fear instead of any type of logic or understanding. Fear is an easy way to get people to act irrationally, it’s what was behind the bird flu epidemic, e-coli food poisoning, and so many other health “threats”, whether they were realistic or not. Continue reading “A Response To “Growing Up Unvaccinated””

How Juicing Cures Cancer

Your body is innately programmed to stay healthy. That is, every cell in your body makes its best effort to stay healthy and when you get sick your body tries to fight off whatever it is so you can be healthy again. Your body is always striving to achieve health all by itself.

There are only two reasons why you will ever not be healthy. You either didn’t give your cells what they needed or you gave them something they didn’t need at all. This is usually referred to as toxicity and deficiency. Continue reading “How Juicing Cures Cancer”

The “Fat” Gene

There is a gene found in humans that when triggered can cause obesity. We’ll call this gene the “fat gene” to avoid making this article scientific and not fun to read. What most people do not understand is that genes have an off and on switch. This means that many people have the fat gene but it is set in the off position.

Every human being has approximately 25,000 genes in their genetic makeup. To understand what I’m about to explain to you, imagine that these 25,000 genes represent 25,000 on/off switches all placed side by side. Continue reading “The “Fat” Gene”

Pure Blood Theory – How to Be Genetically Healthy

Before cross contamination of genes and blood lines and back before travel was so readily available, individual tribes and bands of human cultures and societies grew, adapted, and genetically mutated based off a very precise and central environment without much external influence.

Isolated from other tribes and people, these individual groups evolved since the beginning of human time, whether you consider that to be almost 200,000 years ago or not. Travel was dangerous and unnecessary for most of our history besides the basic movements of nomadic tribes to locate food sources while keeping themselves in the same type of environment. Continue reading “Pure Blood Theory – How to Be Genetically Healthy”

The Paleolithic Diet – So Easy A Caveman Has Already Done It

The human genetic constitution has changed relatively little since the appearance of modern human beings, Homo sapiens, about 40,000 years ago.

Yet today’s modern medicine has us convinced that we are becoming sick and developing diseases due to our genes. Our ancestors has no trace of anything we experience in today’s society.

No cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and more. So if our genes haven’t changed how can we blame genes?

Paleolithic Food Pyramid

In the last 10,000 years agriculture developed, but more importantly in the last 100 years our food industry has changed substantially. We now have processed food, genetically modified food, and a diet that was virtually unheard of just over 100 years ago and didn’t exist over 10,000 years ago. Continue reading “The Paleolithic Diet – So Easy A Caveman Has Already Done It”