We The People are Entitled to the Money You Make

There is not a single “wealth” generating activity on this planet that isn’t tied to the use of a natural resource. We do not use our brains to think money into reality and even if we did, that paper or money had to come from somewhere.

Even if your brain could digitally create money it would have to be stored on a hard drive somewhere and the information transferred through either satellites or physical medium somehow to have any real value outside of your mind.

At the root of every income generating activity, as with almost any activity, is the use of the Earth’s natural resources. Continue reading “We The People are Entitled to the Money You Make”

Solve America’s Problems, Tax the Robots!

As industries start to become more automated and replace real workers with equipment or automation, the number of jobs available in the marketplace will continue to decrease.

The common mantra in response to this is that low skilled jobs aren’t that important and workers of these jobs should go find a lucrative high paying-high skilled job instead.

It sounds good on paper but the reality is, these jobs don’t exist in the numbers that workers are being replaced by robotics and automation — not even close. Continue reading “Solve America’s Problems, Tax the Robots!”

McDonalds Would Have to Fire Over 500,000 Employees to Afford a Minimum Wage of $13

There’s been a lot of talk circulating about raising the minimum wage to something around $13 an hour. I’ve heard that companies like McDonalds can afford to pay their workers that much. I decided to dig into some numbers to see if that was even possible, I found out that it wasn’t.

I don’t often source my work but for this article all my sources can be found at the bottom. Keep in mind this is a philosophy website, while these numbers are as accurate as their sources, the point of this article is to change the way you think about raising minimum wage.

In 2013 McDonalds had 1.8 million employees. In order to comply with a minimum wage increase to $13, McDonalds would have to fire a lot of these employees, even if it gave away all of its profits for that year directly to employees.

With a $13 minimum wage, McDonalds would have to reduce it’s employees to approximately 1,277,038 or fire about 523,000 employees to break even with $13 minimum wage. While doing that it would have to maintain it’s current output, locations, and revenue with about 30% less workers which is probably impossible. Continue reading “McDonalds Would Have to Fire Over 500,000 Employees to Afford a Minimum Wage of $13”

Why is Everything in America Made in China

You’ve probably began wondering many years ago why everything you find in a store seems to be made in China or why we import everything from China.

The short answer.

It’s a compilation of labor laws, minimum wage, regulations, and unions that make it impossible for some products to be made here. Because of all of these things, almost everything you find in the United States is now made in China or another country that does not have problems with any of those things. Continue reading “Why is Everything in America Made in China”

4 Things You Don’t Know About The Top 2 Percent Income Earners

These aren’t exactly things you didn’t know about the top 2% income earners in America but they seem to be things people frequently forget when they demonize the top 2% just for being successful.

They Are Your Neighbors

One in every fifty people belong to the 2% but not everyone looks wealthy or even shows off their wealth. You might be surprised to realize that you know a few people who are in the top 2% and even more surprised that you don’t think of them as evil creatures that are greedy. Continue reading “4 Things You Don’t Know About The Top 2 Percent Income Earners”

Minimum Wage Promotes Child Labor and The United States is Responsible

It occurred to me today while playing baseball, as I picked up the baseball I noticed it said, “Made in China”. “Huh”, I thought to myself, “How is it profitable for China to make something so simple and ship it 7,000 miles on a boat to the United States for sale in our stores.” Additionally, “How come we can’t produce softballs here for cheaper?” was another thought that crossed my mind. Continue reading “Minimum Wage Promotes Child Labor and The United States is Responsible”

Minimum Wage Creates Unemployment – You’re Fucked!

With the economy weakening and unemployment high many of our leaders, and citizens as well, are scrambling around coming up with ideas to help solve the problem. Will it be another round of stimulus spending? A round of bail outs? Should we pass laws to tax the rich more?

I got a simple idea. How about we get rid of Minimum Wage…

“WHAT!?” You might be thinking to yourself, “How can you suggest such a thing, people have it hard enough as it is and reducing their wages isn’t going to help!” Continue reading “Minimum Wage Creates Unemployment – You’re Fucked!”