Urine Eating Chicken From Outer Space

It was a typical family night spent watching television in the living room. We had just finished watching a show and I decided to go sit on the front steps outside.

My wife and I, along with both of our daughters, lived in a single wide trailer. We lived in a remote area with very few neighbors — our trailer was one of the few that actually had a basement.

We were surrounded by trees in every direction except the front of our home overlooked a corn field sitting on rolling hills. The corn was overly ripe and ready for harvest, the stalks were beginning to turn yellow with the trees, as they do every fall season.

It was a warm afternoon, warm for this time of year. The sun was hot but the breeze was cool — my favorite kind of weather.

The sky was partly cloudy but as I stared at it, I began to notice it was darkening beyond the cornfield at an alarming rate. I must have been going crazy — I went inside to get my wife. Continue reading “Urine Eating Chicken From Outer Space”