Writing to Win Book Review by Thomas Van

I purchased this book solely for the purpose of improving my legal writings. I was surprised to discover that this book offers more than that. It has helped helped me with all of my writing, from non-fiction to fiction.

It’s a common stereotype that lawyers talk and write in an archaic language full of ancient words and professional jargon that even their colleagues can’t make sense of from time to time. So what hope do “average” people have of understanding writing of this manner? Continue reading “Writing to Win Book Review by Thomas Van”

First You Have To Row A Little Boat Book Review By Thomas Van

This story about a boat and the struggles of sailing is a metaphor for the struggle we all face in our journey through life. The wisdom gained from this book I found extremely useful in helping me get through my life from day to day.

This book was both motivating and inspiring. When I picked it up I didn’t put it back down until I had finished the book. The book itself is only 200 pages in the small hardcover version I read making it very easy to read. Continue reading “First You Have To Row A Little Boat Book Review By Thomas Van”

Ishmael Book Review By Thomas Van

Ishmael is a 4.1 out of 5 star book as rated on Amazon. It features a telepathic ape with Socrates type knowledge. The plot is intriguing and the Apes story is further intriguing but I found that the main character (the one the Ape teaches) was rather annoying. Continue reading “Ishmael Book Review By Thomas Van”

Fifty Shades of Grey Book Review by Thomas Van

This is honestly the first “Erotic Romance” book I’ve ever picked up or attempted to read. Having said that, I am not the typical reader of such books so I have nothing to compare it to. I have heard from others that it’s too soft core. Still others have said it was just repetitive throughout the entire series and nothing new ever really happened. Then you have a lot of people who think it’s the best book and book series ever. Continue reading “Fifty Shades of Grey Book Review by Thomas Van”

Deal Breakers Book Review by Thomas Van

 Deal Breakers: When to Work on a Relationship and When to Walk Away

Written by a semi popular Psychologist, Bethany Miller, whom appears on several TV shows, this is a book about getting the relationship you want and deserve.

I imagine a lot of people will read a book like this and try to apply it to their partner or people they know.  But I will tell you, if you aren’t considering yourself while reading this book then you mine as well put it down.  Relationships are two way streets. Continue reading “Deal Breakers Book Review by Thomas Van”